Essentia launches natural Black Forest ham flavour ingredient with functional benefits

Ingredients specialist Essentia Protein Solutions has launched an authentic, all-natural smoke flavour made from the famous Black Forest ham of Southwest Germany.

Essentia’s new powdered smoke flavour is designed to add the distinct smoky taste of Black Forest ham to a host of savoury and meat applications, and it doubles as a functional protein solution for many meat products.
It is derived from the skin surrounding the famous smoked Black Forest hams produced in Southwest Germany.

After removing the skin from the smoked hams, the skin undergoes a thermal and mechanical treatment that removes fat and preserves the taste, while creating a versatile functional ingredient with emulsifying properties.
Essentia’s new flavour ingredient will be marketed as ProFlavor™ P BF to blenders and producers in the savoury segment, and as ScanPro™ P BF to meat manufacturers.

It enables manufacturers to maximise taste with a rich smoked flavour alternative.
Global Marketing Director Irene Plats explained: “This is a powerful smoked flavour product with all-natural flavour benefits. As a powdered ingredient, it is highly versatile for countless applications.
“Manufacturers can integrate this unique smoke flavor into a variety of soups, sauces, marinades, ready meals, snack seasonings and blends. And it has a slight gelling effect that will help enhance the viscosity of sauces, condiments or dips, for a pleasant mouthfeel.

“Equally, this functional protein is ideal for ground and emulsified applications like sausages, cold cuts, meat balls and meatloafs, where you want to infuse the natural flavour of smoked Black Forest ham.

“It will not only improve the texture, but also provide a significant and delicious flavour boost of smoked ham.”
Additionally, the water-binding properties of ScanPro™ P BF make this ingredient a cost-efficient choice, as it works well in emulsified products or ground meat applications where manufacturers want to replace parts of the meat.
Irene Plats also highlighted the sustainable advantage of using skin from the smoked ham.

She added: “We have turned the skins, that are otherwise discarded, into a valuable and fully natural smoke flavour ingredient able to create a significant flavour impact in many food products. As a result, we support sustainable sourcing and an authentic story of old traditions.”

As well as helping to retain and enhance the real meat flavor often lost with salt reduction, Essentia’s savory flavors are e-number free and contain no known allergens for manufacturers looking for true depth of taste with a clean label.

With over 40 years’ experience, Essentia Protein Solutions is the global leader in meat-based proteins for the food industry.

For more information, contact Essentia Protein Solutions on +45 74 35 11 50 or visit
NB: The ingredients mentioned in the above are not promoted nor for sale in North America

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