European partnership on track to market the first High Fibre Wheat

In its first year in retail stores in the USA, a new wheat which delivers three to five times more fibre to consumer products is performing well and will now be marketed in Europe. This high fibre wheat is the first and unique wheat bred for nutritional aspect. This high-fibre wheat has been developed over 20 years by Arista Cereal Technologies, (Arista), a joint venture between Australia’s national scientific research agency, CSIRO, and the French farmer-led cooperative, Limagrain. As part of this European partnership, Arista has exclusively licensed patents for high fibre common wheat to Limagrain Ingredients. High fibre wheat is the first wheat ever grown to bring specific health benefits for consumers, related not just to the amount of fibre but also the type of fibre for gut health. The high-fibre content was achieved through conventional breeding to provide more resistant starch (which is a fermentable fibre) than traditional wheat. CEO of Arista, Eric Vaschalde, commented “Our high-fibre wheat with this greatly increased type of natural fibre has an active prebiotic effect. People who choose this over conventional wheat are able to boost their fibre intake without having to stop eating the foods they love” Largely lacking in Western diets based on highly processed foods, resistant starch is a fermentable fibre that is more resistant to digestion in the small intestine, so reducing the spike in blood sugar that occurs after a meal. This fibre moves on to the bowel where it contributes to the health of the gut microbiome and, it is thought, to have a protective effect against bowel cancer. Official health claims are available for this natural fibre and for positive effects on glycemic response. Trials started in Europe several years ago for a range of wheat-based products from high fibre wheat, and a long-term distribution contract has been signed between Limagrain Ingredients and Arista earlier this year.
“Limagrain Ingredients is the right partner for Arista to promote these new benefits to European consumers, with its expertise in wheat production and milling and its knowledge of the European wheat ingredients markets” says Eric Vaschalde. “We are thrilled to partner with Arista” mentions Anne Lionnet, in charge of marketing this wheat in Europe. “Food industries are increasingly interested in high fibre wheat, providing an easy way to close the fibre gap without changing local consumption habits. We intend to supply High Fibre Wheat ingredients to all food industries targeting increased health benefit in their products”

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