Evolva launches L-arabinose, a natural sugar blocker and reducing sugar

Evolva (SIX:EVE), the Swiss biotech company focused on the research, development and commercialization of products based on nature, launched L-arabinose (previously known as EVE-X157/Z4), a natural sugar blocker used in food and beverages and reducing sugar applied in food processing.

«As people around the world continue to strive to live a healthier lifestyle, we are committed to helping our customers create healthier, more sustainable solutions. With this launch we are confirming our ability to deliver innovations that support human health and wellbeing» said Oliver Walker, CEO of Evolva.

Studies show that L-arabinose as sugar blocker can support healthy blood sugar levels and weight management. It also has potential application as a prebiotic. As reducing sugar, L-arabinose is also frequently applied in the production of savoury flavors such as chicken and beef.

Made by fermentation, Evolva’s L-arabinose is fully renewable and sustainable, it has a high-purity level (>99%) and no hydrochloric acid is used in the manufacturing process. L-Arabinose is FEMA GRAS approved for use in food and beverages.

L-Arabinose taste profile is well-suited for use in products such as yogurt, chocolate, soft drinks, ice cream, cereal, power bars and confectionary.

With a wide range of applications, L-arabinose has a current market value of CHF 250 million, which is expected to grow by at least 5% per annum. Evolva is having commercial discussions with major customers, which include first supply volumes for 2021.


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