EXBERRY plant-based colours

Clean-label colors are key to differentiation in the increasingly competitive plant-based market, according to GNT Group.

The EXBERRY® Coloring Foods supplier has launched new resources on its website to highlight the importance of color in vegan-friendly meat, dairy, cheese and fish alternatives.

GNT has also produced an animated video charting the rise of plant-based food and drink – as well as the evolution of colors – through recent decades.

With many consumers now reducing or eliminating animal products from their diet[i] [ii], plant-based alternatives are experiencing phenomenal growth in demand.

As of last year, annual global sales of plant-based meat substitutes had grown by an average of 8% annually since 2010. The plant-based beverage market, meanwhile, grew approximately 33% each year between 2014 and 2019.[iii]

With more options on the shelf than ever before, it is vital that plant-based food and drink products deliver a fresh and appealing appearance. In this health- and ethics-driven category, consumers are motivated to demand clean-label, plant-based ingredients.[iv]

EXBERRY® offers the widest range of Coloring Foods on the market, helping to ensure that plant-based meat, dairy, cheese and seafood alternatives deliver the visual impact desired.

In addition, EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are made from fruit, vegetables and edible plants and without any chemical solvents, ensuring they are 100% vegan-friendly and support clean and clear labelling.

Maike Frerichs, who leads GNT’s plant-based category team, said: “We are heading toward ‘plant-based 2.0’, with manufacturers reformulating their products to meet modern consumer expectations. As such, using plant-based colors for plant-based products has never been more important. EXBERRY® Coloring Foods offer a future-proof solution, helping to deliver an ideal appearance while maintaining clean and clear labels.”

To learn more about the importance of color in plant-based meat, dairy, cheese and seafood products and watch the animation, visit: https://exberry.com/plant-based

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