Graphic Packaging International capturing high demand for Paperseal® tray solutions

Paper-based packaging leader Graphic Packaging International , has revealed that machinery investments will be made at multiple locations in Europe and Australia to keep up with demand for its unique solution, the PaperSeal® tray.


This year, PaperSeal tray machinery will be installed in company and partner locations in Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Greece and Australia as part of expansion plans to deliver ‘ready-to-go’ trays to new customers.

The innovative PaperSeal tray, which is a barrier-lined solution made from renewable cartonboard, significantly reduces the use of plastic packaging on fresh and processed protein and produce. It is in use by many household brands in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and other geographies.

Paul Tye, business development director at Graphic Packaging, said: “The success we’ve seen with our PaperSeal tray in 2020 has been phenomenal. With the focus on sustainability, major European retailers are making the switch to recyclable and reusable packaging substrates, especially those which are made from renewable resources, to reduce their impact on the environment. Our barrier-lined cartonboard solution, PaperSeal tray, can help meet those targets by reducing the amount of plastic required to help preserve and best present food. It provides long-lasting freshness due to its consistent seal integrity, helping to reduce food waste. In addition, the consumer can easily separate the film liner from the paperboard, aiding recyclability post-use.”

PaperSeal tray enables major retailers to package goods across a wide range of applications, including fresh or processed meat and fish, cheese, salad and fruits, via its Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP) or Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) heat sealing technology. The tray also offers on-shelf differentiation compared to traditional VSP due to its high-quality graphical capabilities.

The PaperSeal tray is available for commercialisation across Europe. “We’re delighted to see many major retailers adopt our PaperSeal tray,” continued Tye. “Reducing environmental impact is one of our top priorities at Graphic Packaging. However, change doesn’t happen overnight. We’re committed to supporting our customers in their journey towards a sustainable future and a circular economy.”

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