SOLUGEL® Dynamica paves the way into the functional bar and beverage market

PB Leiner proudly presents SOLUGEL® Dynamica, its exciting new collagen solution for functional bars and beverages, two applications which are typically challenging to produce. The new product will allow customers to easily formulate delicious trendy products that boast all the health benefits of collagen.

In parallel with the start of the Vitafoods Virtual Expo, the global nutraceutical event, PB Leiner is launching SOLUGEL® Dynamica. This latest product launch is PB Leiner’s solution for technically challenging nutraceutical applications such as high protein bars, collagen beverages, sports and diet gels.

Nutraceuticals – food products which provide health benefits – have been a growing category for several years. Within this segment, collagen is a sought-after ingredient due to its benefits for – amongst other things – skin health, sports nutrition, and bone and joint health. However, some of the best trending health applications, such as high protein bars and beverages, can be challenging to produce. The bars are often hard, chewy, or dry, they can have an unpleasant mouthfeel and a short shelf life, and the stability of functional beverages is often difficult to achieve.

SOLUGEL® Dynamica solves these problems: this collagen has the functional properties to manufacture attractive and tasty products. For example, SOLUGEL® Dynamica significantly improves the softness of bars and is able to maintain this softness over the shelf life. SOLUGEL® Dynamica can also easily be combined with other proteins to enhance the functionality of the end product. In beverage solutions, SOLUGEL® Dynamica formulates smoothly in a wide range of concentrations and pHs, and the end product remains stable after common heat treatments such as pasteurization. Moreover, SOLUGEL® Dynamica’s superior functional properties allow ease of integration and flexibility in different types of beverages without impact on smell and taste of the end products.

Wim Poot, Executive Vice President of PB Leiner: “Collagen-enriched sports bars are a rapidly growing segment. We are excited that we can help our customers tap into this growing market. SOLUGEL Dynamica makes working proactively on your health easy AND appetizing.