TriMas packaging strengthens its market position with a new global structure

TriMas Packaging, a leading developer and manufacturer of specialty dispensing and closure products, announced a new organizational approach for its global business. Effective immediately, TriMas Packaging is shifting from a market-centric organizational structure toward a product-focused structure. The reorganization ensures a consistent customer experience and product offering across all markets and regions globally. TriMas Packaging’s new structure reorganizes the Rieke®, Taplast™, Affaba & Ferrari™, Plastic™ and Rapak® brands into three main product categories: Dispensing Systems, Closures and Flexibles.


With the new and enhanced structure, TriMas Packaging has built an agile organization ensuring that specific customer needs are identified at a very early stage. We expect customers to further benefit from the new structure by having access to a team of subject matter experts in all markets. Our product expert teams have a deep understanding of customer needs and market trends. By applying a holistic view of the needs of specific customers, it ensures innovations are developed faster, with the goal of increasing the competitiveness of TriMas Packaging’s clients. “We are celebrating our 100th anniversary this year, and the new structure lays the foundation for an even more successful future,” commented Fabio Salik, President of TriMas Packaging. “With our new structure, we ensure that our product and industry experts are even closer to our customers. Our customers benefit from a consistent brand experience, access to industry experts and the fast delivery of innovations to help them improve their market position. We are more agile and closer to the market needs. As a global player, we ensure a unique and consistent customer experience across different markets and regions.”


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