Plant proteins

Plant protein Q&A By Mindy Leveille, Strategic Marketing Manager, Proteins, Kerry Taste & Nutrition Are plant proteins “fringe”? “Today, the plant protein category is growing faster than dairy protein as consumers increasingly adopt a flexitarian approach to their diets for … Read More

A brighter future

A brighter future: How clean-label colour enhances the food supplement experience for today’s consumers Stephane Vouche, Marketing Manager, Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition Colour has always been a source of fascination for humans. It is a marker of identity, a … Read More

Protecting the immune system

Beyond the mask in the Covid-19 pandemic: Ingredients for protecting the immune system Protection from contracting COVID-19 appears to be the trending topic surrounding the virus. The biotech and medical communities are feverishly trying to find antibodies and the road … Read More

Botanical origins, turmeric

Quality as a guideline in choosing food supplements of botanicalorigin, recommendations from a new advisory board, with afocus on turmeric The botanical supplements sector comprises a huge range of products which vary significantly from one to another, not least for … Read More

Designing cheese properties

Designing cheese properties to meet tomorrow’s consumer demands   By adding expert knowledge and innovation Customized cheese properties Specialty starch solutions from our CheeseMaker range build texture and enable you to customize your products. At KMC, we have specialized in … Read More

Fruit inclusions are a top pick

Fruit inclusions are a top pick for snack manufacturers Kurt Jahncke, CEO of Paradise Fruits by Jahncke, the global supplier of naturally healthy and delicious food ingredients, looks at why fruit inclusions are appealing to food manufacturers that are looking … Read More

Natural bioactives and milk proteins

Natural bioactives and milk proteins to age healthy   What ages and groups are the ingredients most beneficial for? What sort of nutritional trends do they tap into? Pep2Dia® is aiming all people with a high blood sugar but by now … Read More