Natural bioactives and milk proteins

Natural bioactives and milk proteins
to age healthy


  1. What ages and groups are the ingredients most beneficial for? What sort of nutritional trends do they tap into?
    Pep2Dia® is aiming all people with a high blood sugar but by now our clinical study has been performed on prediabetics adults.


We know that diabetes is a world public health concern with 8.5 percent of the adult population affected today and more than 10% by 2045. 1 out of 14 adults is prediabetic, that means is at risk to become diabetics in 5 to 10 years if nothing is done. Pep2Dia® targets people that are prediabetics to help them regulate their blood sugar.

  1. What applications are the ingredients suitable for? Do they affect taste?
    Pep2Dia® is a very flowable powder, easy to rehydrate and stable at pH from 6 to 9. It can be used in dietary supplements of functional foods.
  1. In terms of gut health, are they all beneficial?
    Pep2Dia® aims the prevention of the chronic disease, diabetes and has not been evaluated for gut health.
  1. Did you experience any hurdles in formulation?
    Milk product consumption has been known for a long time to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Seeking to understand which milk components could be involved, French researchers have discovered bioactive dipeptides AP, and their inhibitor effect on the enzyme a-glucosidase. The a-glucosidase hydrolyses polysaccharides into glucose in the gut.


After a patent in 2015, Pep2Dia® is the result of an extensive research and collaboration between Ingredia’s scientists and LIENSs-CNRS La Rochelle University in France during 4 years.

  1. Are the ingredients sustainable and how?
    Pep2Dia® is a milk protein hydrolysate with an active dipeptide AP. At Ingredia, our milk proteins are native, coming from our farmers cow’s milk.
    Ingredia is a French dairy cooperative commited in corporate social responsibility with its “Via Lacta”program.
  1. Do you have more innovation in the pipeline?
    Yes of course.  Ingredia is the leader in dairy bioactives and aim at launching new bioactive every 4 or 5 years. We want to be focused in prevention and particularly public health.


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