Fruit inclusions are a top pick

Fruit inclusions are a top pick
for snack manufacturers

Kurt Jahncke, CEO of Paradise Fruits by Jahncke, the global supplier of naturally healthy and delicious food ingredients, looks at why fruit inclusions are appealing to food manufacturers that are looking to meet a rising demand for healthier snacks.
“The shape of the snacking industry has altered dramatically in recent years and although people still snack for pleasure over sustenance, the market has undoubtedly become driven by five simple factors: health, convenience, taste, texture and innovation. To put it simply, consumers want healthier products that support their busy lifestyles and provide nutritional benefits, without having to compromise on taste and texture.
According to the Specialty Food Association’s annual State of the Specialty Food Industry research, 2019-2020 edition, healthier snack foods are more popular than ever. This is because, as well as the convenience of the products and being able to eat them on the go, consumers prefer foods that support their busy lifestyles and offer functionality, such as high levels of vitamins and minerals. Applications that include freeze-dried fruit, which retains the majority of its natural, nutritional goodness, can provide this.
As well as nutritional benefits, freeze-dried fruits also lend flavour and a point of difference to snacks, particularly snack bars or trail mixes, that provide consumers with a healthier product for grazing between meals or as a replacement for more traditional lunch-time sides such as crisps and biscuits. In addition, fruit inclusions also offer a replacement for sugar which appeals to consumers more. This is because, the natural sugars occurring in chopped or whole pieces of freeze-dried fruit, are typically perceived as being healthier or better for you than added sugar.
When it comes to taste and texture, consumers want to gain more of an ‘experience’ when eating their favourite snacks, which can be provided by inclusions that offer multiple consistencies. Freeze-dried fruit pieces, for example, adds both flavour and crunch, but when coupled with pastes creates a multi-textured product. As these inclusions are suitable for many applications, not just snacks, they appeal widely to food manufacturers that are developing new products that respond to this growing trend.
Our new high fibre recipe, developed by Paradise Fruits Solutions, provides less than 40% sugar (naturally occurring) than standard fruit ingredients and almost 40g of fibre per 100gm. The recipe is available as fruit granulates, pastes, drops and shapes and has been developed with this in mind, as it helps manufacturers create multi-textured, functional snacks that shoppers want to buy, and retailers will want to stock.

The natural look
Visual appeal is also extremely important, so, products that include ingredients that look as natural as possible are going to continue increasing in popularity. We have seen whole or irregular cut freeze-dried fruits that are non-uniform in shape and naturally include higher levels of protein and fibre, such as raspberries and bananas, increase in specification as they provide manufacturers with innovative ways of meeting this demand.
We recently developed our new Crunchy range, which is manufactured through a specially adapted freeze-drying process that allows our customers the option of a one component recipe made of 100% fruit, or a combination with yoghurt or additional carriers, to respond to this growing trend.
Crunchy inclusions are the naturally healthy choice for manufacturers looking for a lightweight, nutritious and delicious ingredient to add flavour, colour and texture. The 100% pure fruit recipe retains many of the natural flavour and colour characteristics offered by fresh fruit, but in a format more suitable for snack and confectionery applications. This is an ideal option for manufacturers looking to create new and innovative treats and snacks that appeals to health conscious consumers.
The range is available in bespoke sizes, from 1mm to 10mm, making them ideal for use in snacks, confectionery and baked goods, as well as other applications. Flavour combinations include Strawberry & Basil, Raspberry & Thyme, Mango & Rosemary, Orange & Chilli, Mango & Matcha Tea and Strawberry & Tomato. Exotic blends with
Apricot, Mango, Banana and Passionfruit and non-fruit flavours including Cappuccino and Salted Caramel are also available. Bespoke recipes can also be developed to suit customer requirements.

Shoppers are looking for products that offer health benefits, such as natural ingredients with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients such as fibre.
Applications that include low sugar, naturally healthy and delicious freeze-dried fruits or fruit-based inclusions, which retain the majority of its natural, nutritional goodness, and naturally include higher levels of protein and fibre can provide this.
Over the next few years, we expect ingredients with more nutrients and less salt and sugar, as well as exotic flavour combinations, will become more mainstream. As such, snacks that help support the consumers busy lifestyles by providing a health boost in ‘one bite’ or portion and plant-based foods will continue to rise in popularity and fast.
At Paradise Fruits by Jahncke we are already prepared to support manufacturers looking to meet these demands, as we continue to develop a variety of new and innovative products. This includes a special range of vitamin infused fruit inclusions and fruit shapes ideal for use in snack bars and snack packs, which are set to be released later this year.”

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