Bridor shares “the bakery cultures of the world” with its new Ultra Kanel Swirl

French bakery manufacturer Bridor unveils Scandinavian-inspired Ultra Kanel Swirl


French bakery manufacturer, Bridor has unveiled its Ultra Kanel Swirl, a Viennese pastry that truly captures its ethos to “share the bakery cultures of the world”. The delicious Scandinavian-inspired treat contains sweet and warming cinnamon flavours making it the perfect snack for those seeking a little moment of enjoyment.

Cinnamon swirls are available in almost every bakery or coffee shop across Scandinavia, but are particularly popular in Sweden where a “kanelbulle” is often enjoyed whilst catching up with friends and colleagues over a cup of coffee. Swedes consider this making time for others an essential part of the day and refer to it as “fika”, a tradition that is embedded within Swedish culture.

The Ultra Kanel Swirl is Bridor’s reinterpretation of the famous Scandinavian cinnamon pastry, and will satisfy the growing number of consumers that have been craving cuisines from around the world due to coronavirus-imposed travel restrictions. The Viennese pastry combines Nordic bakery culture with French expertise to create an attractive swirl that entices consumers with its golden colour and caramelised edges. The pure butter puff-pastry gives an added crispy texture to the intense flavours provided by the high-quality cinnamon centre and a premium filling. The clean label product contains only natural and essential bakery ingredients with the exception of ascorbic acid, which is used at a quantity of less than 0.02% and plays a decisive role in the final quality of breads and Viennese pastries.


Each box of Ultra Kanel Swirl (100g) contains 60 pieces.

Bridor was established in France in 1988, the home of bakery and bread, and boasts a long-standing heritage and expertise. Known for its ongoing innovation, Bridor draws inspiration from the latest global trends to deliver new and exciting products that appeal to an international audience.


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