European Freeze Dry offers specialist solutions to meal development

Specialist food producer European Freeze Dry has continued to expand its bespoke offer to new product development, with a range of very low calorie diet and high protein solutions.

The company, which produces freeze dried ingredients and meal solutions from its facilities in the UK and Denmark, works with convenience meals producers to create nutritious meals with a shelf life of up to five years.

In addition to developing a new range of on-the-go vegan meals, the company has also created a menu of VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) takeaway meals, including Thai green curry, vegetable biriyani and chicken teriyaki at under 300kcal per portion.

The freeze dried food specialist has worked with high protein meal producers to create on-the-go products with a high protein nutritional value for body building and post-gym meals. The meals, including chicken casserole, vegetable tikka and chicken pasta include high protein freeze dried ingredients with additional natural protein powders.

Each meal is created and cooked at the European Freeze Dry kitchens by trained chefs, before being freeze dried to lock in the goodness and increase the lifespan of the product at room temperature. The meals are ready to reheat with water to rehydrate the product ready to eat.

Diana Morris, Country Manager UK at European Freeze Dry, said: “Our product experts are constantly surprising NPD managers by using our freeze drying technology to offer new solutions to meal development challenges.

“We take a customer’s brief and see how we can hit the nutritional and dietary requirements while still keeping products tasting as good as the day they were made. Consumers want real food that is natural and free from preservatives and freeze drying can offer that solution.”

In addition to developing new ranges of products itself, the company works to provide freeze dried solutions to product development managers looking for ways to lock in flavour and nutrition to convenience meals without impacting shelf life or including additives.

The freeze drying process uses a deep vacuum under which neither ice or water can exist. The pressure from the vacuum, with a controlled amount of heat applied, causes the ice to leave the product as a vapour trail leaving a naturally dried product which can last for up to five years at room temperature without impacting taste or nutrition.


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