Further patent approvals for PulPac’s Dry Molded Fiber technology

Further patent approvals in Japan and Ukraine expands PulPac’s IP portfolio, fortifying the novel proprietary technology Dry Molded Fiber, which is up to 10 times more efficient than conventional fiber molding and saves huge volumes of water.

  • Patent approved in Japan, the world’s third largest economy with a strong position in packaging and industrial development. Also approved in Ukraine, which has been a fast growing emerging market.
  • Continuing the advanced and rapid innovation within Dry Molded Fiber, PulPac has filed for two exciting new patent families in April, raising the portfolio to span 17 families to date.
  • Following the completed process with the European patent office in one patent family, the EP-approvals have been converted into national grants within each selected jurisdiction.

”These grants advances the positions of all our licensees and grows the technology pool, by widening protection and applicability of the Dry Molded Fiber production process. PulPac and its partners continues to invest heavily to industrialize Dry Molded Fiber as the leading sustainable solution for circular packaging and sustainable single-use products. We continue to get significant attention from major industry players all over the world and are very excited for on-going development that will be made public later in 2021.” says Ove Larsson, founder and Chief Technology Officer at PulPac.

PulPac’s solid IP foundation for the Dry Molded Fiber technology keeps growing. Including these approvals, PulPac now has a portfolio of 38 national grants and hundreds of pending approvals within over 17 patent families, covering multiple aspects of the Dry Molded Fiber technology for sustainable fiber based packaging and single-use products.


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