Increasing customer demands

The label BEHN + BATES  has been synonymous with high-quality packaging machines for decades. A few years after the takeover by HAVER & BOECKER (1994), the company, founded 1933 in Krefeld, specialized in the food sector. The positive development of the last 25 years has validated this step.

Due to its affiliation with the HAVER & BOECKER Company, the technology subsidiary BEHN + BATES can draw on current developments within the Company.

A positive example of this is the development of the metal detector in the filling duct which detects foreign bodies and prevents contamination by metal debris, which can ultimately save lives in the food industry. Another advantage of concentrating on the food industry is the chance to acquire much more know-how, for instance with regard to hygiene standards. For example, the demand for the INTEGRA FD, which combines the applicator, filling spout, and sealing units in a dust-tight booth, is confirmation of increasing requirements for easy cleaning.

In addition to increasing hygiene requirements, the various regulations and above all their different possible interpretations are a major challenge for the specialists at BEHN + BATES. This is especially true in view of the fact that the products to be filled are becoming increasingly high quality and yet customers still demand high filling speeds and precise weight accuracy.

Silke Brandt, Head of Commercial and Technical Order Processing at BEHN + BATES, notes that customers’ requirements are becoming increasingly individualized. “In addition to well-known standards, customers today have a wide variety of their own regulations and technical specifications that have to be thoroughly checked,” she explains. This makes many orders extremely individual projects, which are approached in a spirit of partnership and trust with the customer.


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