Ingredion launches new plant-based market insights report

Ingredion EMEA has launched a market insights report, titled ‘Planting Possibilities: Insights’, which takes a look at the plant-based revolution and how manufacturers can capitalise on this growing trend.

Demand for plant-based products rose fast between 2015-2019, with new product launches featuring a plant-based claim increasing by a CAGR of 57% globally[1]. Ingredion’s report explores the trends driving this growth, the impact of COVID-19 on consumer’s eating habits and how manufacturers of alternative meat and dairy products can take advantage of this opportunity.

Declan Rooney, Strategic Marketing Manager Savoury and Savoury Alternatives for Ingredion EMEA, says: “15% of millennials are already meat-free[2] and more consumers are changing their diets to become flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan. This trend has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, as more people have become aware and taken a greater interest in the food they eat, how it affects their bodies and the environment they live in. The benefits of a plant-based diet are becoming increasingly more appealing to consumers for these reasons.

“However, for manufacturers of meat and dairy alternative products, there are some important considerations to ensure that their products are well-received and repurchased by consumers. For example, meat alternative products should include a good source of protein and good sensory experience, and dairy products should feature health claims that are most important to the customer, with ‘plant-based’, ‘vegan’ and ‘lactose free’ rated as the top claims[3].”

The report details the latest trends impacting the plant-based market and the changing consumer behaviours which are driving market developments. It provides manufacturers with insights, research and guidance, to enable them to develop and deliver meat and dairy alternative products that meet consumer expectations and allows them to thrive in a fast-advancing market.

To download Ingredion EMEAs ‘Planting Possibilities: Insights’ Report, please visit:

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