Kendamil launch the world’s first organic formula to contain HMOs

This October the uniquely British brand unveils its most premium formula yet, and announces significant new partnership with Boots

British made Kendamil, the brand behind the baby formula used by the Royal family and the fastest-growing formula brand in the UK (IRi), is thrilled to unveil its most advanced formulation yet. Introducing the new and improved Kendamil Organic, not only the most scientifically advanced organic formula in the UK, but also the most natural.

Kendamil Organic will roll out in all current stockists, including leading supermarkets Waitrose and Sainsbury’s from the end of October. However, this development also marks a new agreement with Boots, which will see the unrivalled new product stocked by the UK’s leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer.

It’s no surprise that the all new Kendamil Organic has been snapped by top retailers as it is truly like no other. It is the first ever organic formula globally to contain Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs), as found in human breastmilk, which research has shown to be linked with promoting good bacteria in the gut, reducing the risks of infection and allergy and supporting brain development and improved cognitive functions.

The advanced formulation, made with 100% organic ingredients sourced exclusively across the UK, will for the first time contain Nucleotides,(linked with improved immune function), Taurine (an amino acid that helps infants absorb fat) and ARA (linked with improved visual acuity and cognitive development).

Having perfected its formula recipe over 58 years, Kendamil is still lovingly made in the Lake District and remains the only brand to use full-cream whole milk (all of which comes from grass-fed British cows), proudly providing baby with natural milk fats, shown to result in reduced crying and favourable stool consistency among infants. Thanks to this unique full-cream recipe, Kendamil proudly uses ZERO palm oils, linked to reduced calcium absorption in infants

Like all Kendamil formula, the new Organic recipe contains ZERO fish oil, instead containing sustainably-sourced plant-based Omega-3, not only making it a far more natural, better tasting product, but also the only vegetarian formula on the market.

Speaking about the brands’ all new, gold-standard Organic formula, CEO Ross McMahon said: “When it comes to infant nutrition, breastmilk will always be best for babies. However, many parents will turn to baby formula at some point and here at Kendamil, we are passionate about providing UK Mums the next best alternative to breastmilk.

He continued: “When it comes to our formula, we make absolutely no compromises. Our customers are guaranteed the very best, most natural and sustainable ingredients, sourced locally here in Britain. We are extremely proud to be launching the world’s first organic formula featuring HMOs, offering parents an organic baby formula that is our closest match to breastmilk.”

Kendamil boasts a complete range to support little ones at every stage, including First Infant Milk, Follow On Milk and Toddler Milk. Parents can choose between the Classic Range, or the now new and improved gold standard Kendamil Organic option. The brand also produces a range of cereals and porridges, as well vitamin enriched milk drinks for older children, Kendakids. The range is stocked in the leading supermarkets nationwide, including ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Waitrose, as well as on the brand’s own website, where free monthly doorstep delivery subscriptions are available for the ultimate convenience.

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