New high protein smoothie formulas at Laboratoire PYC

New flavours of protein smoothies have been available from Laboratoire PYC since this summer: apple-lemon, peach-citrus, to complete the red fruit and strawberry-banana flavours.

Called Proti’Smooth®, these instant drinks are high in protein and enriched with active ingredients. Their texture is smooth like a smoothie. The tasty wellness drinks are offered to sports and slimming brands.

4 formulas to discover:

PROTI’SMOOTH® IMMUNITY : this drink combines the traditional properties of ginger and vitamin D to help boost immunity;

PROTI’SMOOTH® SLIM TONIC : a real slimming boost; Laboratoire PYC has selected a guarana extract.

PROTI’SMOOTH® ANTIOXIDANT : This is the classic smoothie, made with red berries and enriched with vitamin C, for its antioxidant action.

PROTI’SMOOTH® RELAX : It is a soft-textured drink that contributes to the well-being of body and mind. It is enriched with magnesium and vitamin B6.

Proti’Smooth® provides 17g of high biological value proteins. The laboratory’s specialist protein team has selected a whey isolate which guarantees a high level of branched-chain amino acids and rapid assimilation.

The R&D department selected different fruit powders such as apple, cranberry, lemon, peach, banana… The PYC team conducted aroma tests (natural flavours) and collected opinions with this objective: to be rich in taste and protein.

Laboratoire PYC offers these customised formulas packaged in sticks, sachets, pots or stand-up pouches.


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