Quimdis GmbH distributes the range DHA ORIGINS® of Fermentalg in Germany, a premium plant-based DHA

Fermentalg has decided to entrust Quimdis GmbH with the distribution of its range of Omega 3, with a naturally highly concentrated DHA from microalgae as of September 1, 2020 in German market.
This collaboration completes the range of products offered by the Quimdis dietary sector, whose commercial, technical and regulatory teams remain at your entire disposal for any project.
Fermentalg SA, an industrial biotechnology firm, aims to meet high expectations from consumers, laboratories and dietary supplement manufacturers, meets the nutritional requirements in the agri-food industry, by supplying natural microalgae health products . The company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Libourne, France. Fermentalg manufactures high quality vegan DHA oils based on their expertise in bioindustrial production of microalgae.
Fermentalg’s mission is to provide health and nutrition industry leaders with new sources of oils, natural pigments and proteins by harnessing the vast potential of microalgae. Fermentalg is specialized in R&D, industrialization and exploitation of microalgae, through fermentation, for the bio-production of molecules or biomasses with nutritional benefits and the potential for a positive impact on health. The technology developed together with the wealth of its bank of
strains allows it to target highly varied markets with high value for human nutrition, animal feed as well as health industry.
DHA ORIGINS® range will be perfectly suited your range developments of dietary supplements, beverages and health foods. All products are compliant with US & EU regulations and have trusted process according to quality standards (ISO certification and GOED Monograph).
Its expertise includes fully traceable supply chain combined with controlled, sustainable and gentle process thereby offering global clients a high purity and quality Omega-3.
Mr. Jean-Francois Quarre, President & Chairman of Quimdis said “Adding Fermentalg to our list of approved principles is another important value addition to the strong list of suppliers and also increases our product portfolio with high quality branded products. With the technical expertize and an outstanding knowledge of the German market, Dr. Ajax Mohamed who is heading the German office shall be able to promote Fermentalg products very well“
Mr. Jean-Louis Caradec Sales Director of Fermentalg said, “We are convinced that Quimidis, thanks to its strong distribution network, infrastructure and technical capabilities, will be able to promote our DHA ORIGINS® range on the German territory and offer its customers a superior satisfaction”.
Quimdis established in 1988 at Levallois-Perret, France is a European distributor of raw materials for the pharmaceutical, dietary, food, feed, cosmetic and perfumery industries. As a specialist in the research, fine-tuning and distribution of raw materials, Quimdis has doubled its revenue since the beginning of 2000 and is now reporting figures of 105 million euros per year, of which 45% of the revenue is achieved on exports to over 30 countries in Europe, Asia,
Africa and North America. Currently Quimdis stocks more than 750 products at 3 warehouses which are worth more than 35 Million Euros. This gives the biggest advantage of supplying our customers with products at very short lead time.


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