Selig encourages companies to bridge digital divide in schools

Selig, a global leader in sealing solutions, with European offices in Slough, is encouraging companies to support their local schools and help bridge the digital divide. Practising what it preaches, Selig has donated the company’s older IT equipment to a local primary school, enabling families struggling with home schooling to access online learning.


Darren Hauck, Global Director of IT&IS at Selig, came up with the idea of donating older IT equipment after reading about the digital divide that has been created in the UK by the pandemic. He comments: “There has been a lot in the news recently about the many families across the UK who are struggling to keep up with home learning for their children, due to the fact they either have limited or no access to technology. I looked around our offices here and realised that we had some IT equipment that we no longer needed due to upgrades and that could make all the difference to local families.”


As a result, Selig has been able to donate a range of laptops, desktops, monitors, iPads and peripherals such as webcams, 4g Wi-Fi routers and dongles to Meadow Vale School, a local Bracknell primary school. Following the positive reception of the IT equipment by the teaching team at Meadow Vale and families alike, Selig is encouraging more companies to do the same.


Darren concludes: “Although we have only donated a reasonably small amount of IT equipment, it has made a difference to Meadow Vale. My challenge to other companies is, if you haven’t already, why not have a look around and see what IT equipment is collecting dust in the office and pass it on to help bridge the digital divide in your area?”


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