Successful launch of Tweek in the Nordic markets

Bayn Group’s subsidiary Bayn Retail (u.n.c Tweek AB, the “Company”) launched Tweek’s product range in Finland, Norway, Iceland and Denmark during the autumn. The initial sales have been above expectations and the company sees good opportunities to reach a leading position in each market in 2021.

During the autumn, the company launched the entire Tweek range in all the other Nordic markets. Finland is the country that was first out and have the highest sales and distribution in most stores. The products have a strong reception in all markets and have in a short time frame shown high sales from a couple of hundred test stores. Given the positive response from the launch, the management sees good opportunities for the Company to be able to reach a leading position in all the Nordic countries next year as well. This would mean significant sales growth for the Company and a strengthened positioning to drive the category development of the chains’ health- and functional confectionery products.

Tweek’s sugar-reduced candy products are market leading in Sweden and are available at the majority of the larger formats in the grocery trade such as Ica, Coop, Hemköp, City Gross, OKQ8 etc. During 2020 the growth has remained high and with additional distribution points, where the Company has gradually increased its share as a market-leading player.

“It is super exciting that we have received such a good response in the new countries. Our strategy from the beginning has been to reach a market-leading position for sugar-reduced sweets in Sweden before we go for international expansion – which we have achieved. During the autumn, we have had a strong focus on launch and rollout in our neighbouring countries and we are very pleased with the results from the initial sales. Considering that the KPI:s exceed those we had for Sweden, we see good opportunities to reach a leading position in the other Nordic countries next year. During the first quarter, we will also continue the international expansion with additional launches in new countries and areas such as Germany, England, France, the Benelux, Spain and the Middle East. The work with Bayn’s team and the technology platform is going well, and we already have several promising projects with EUREABA underway, both for the existing candy products and new categories in sugar-reduced foods. It is thrilling to be a part of this growth journey and we notice that consumers are more inclined to buy healthy foods than ever before.” – Lennart Arvidsson, CEO of Bayn Retail (u.n.c Tweek AB)

Tweek has a wide range of sugar-reduced packaged and bulk products in confectionery and is the market leader in Sweden. The company was acquired earlier this year by Bayn Group and is part of the group under the name Bayn Retail AB.

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