Trendy packaging: fibre tray with plastic lining WENTOPRO® PaperLine 20, high-performance liner film

A plastic liner now makes cardboard trays suitable for a wide range of products: WENTOPRO® PaperLine 20, by Wentus GmbH from Höxter, is a high-performance liner film that can be used to line paper and cardboard trays – ensuring packaging that offers substantial resource savings and better recyclability in many product segments.


Packaging trend: fibre tray with plastic inlay

More climate and environmental protection, less plastic: companies from a wide range of industries are looking for innovative solutions to package their products in a way that saves resources. In the food sector, up until now, plastic has been indispensable to ensure product protection and hygiene. However, solutions are currently booming that reduce the necessary plastic content to a minimum and combine it with components made from fibre. Even products such as minced meat can be safely packaged in cardboard trays which are lined with an extremely thin plastic film. In addition, fibre trays offer plenty of space for attractive printing to highlight eye-catching and individual branding. With WENTOPRO® PaperLine 20, Wentus has developed a liner film that is perfectly suited to the new, more resource-saving packaging trends and that meets contempory recycling requirements.


WENTOPRO® PaperLine 20

WENTOPRO® PaperLine 20 is a high-performance barrier film that is used as a liner for paper or cardboard trays. On one side it provides outstanding sealability against coated paper and offers adhesive properties that can be adjusted to the fibre. The high barrier against MOSH / MOAH offers reliable protection against the migration of mineral oil components from printing inks. The other side of the film provides a secure seal against PE materials to ensure that a cardboard tray lined with this liner film can be hermetically sealed using an upper film. The Wentus product range offers a number of ideal solutions for this: one example is the exceptionally recyclable and particularly thin lid film WENTOPLEX® Ultra, or the new high-gloss skin film WENTOPRO® Skintight 20 E. In accordance with the single material strategy for optimal recyclability, the EVOH content of WENTOPRO® PaperLine 20 is less than 5 percent. The liner film is available in thicknesses of 100 and 150 µm.


WENTOPRO® PaperLine 20 peel

In addition to the basic version of WENTOPRO® PaperLine 20, film specialist Wentus also offers this innovative liner film in a peelable version. The WENTOPRO® PaperLine 20 Peel variant provides soft peel to ensure easy, user-friendly opening of the packaging.


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