ADM helping wellness solutions go 3D

ADM is helping advance one of the latest innovations for personalized nutrition – vitamins produced using 3D printing technology.

ADM Ventures, the venture capital arm of ADM, is one of the key investors in Remedy Health, a revolutionary new personalized health tech company that specializes in 3D printing an assortment of wellness solutions, notably gummy vitamins. Having outlined an ambitious roadmap for 2021, the Remedy Health team is targeting 50,000 customers and over $10m in sales, as well as expanding into curative health solutions.

Uniquely positioned to help Remedy Health scale, ADM sees numerous opportunities for the company’s nutrition and pharma businesses, as the Remedy model matures. The global nutrition powerhouse – who is already investing in a long list of innovative companies including Air Protein and Geltor – is eager to leverage the newly formed partnership to build its capabilities and partnerships related to precision nutrition.   In addition to its focus on prebiotics and probiotics, one key area of interest, and where ADM has some of the world’s first technology, is postbiotics. These are functional bioactive compounds that are generated during the fermentation process. Unlike probiotics or prebiotics, postbiotics can be heat-treated. This enables ADM to combine the biotic with other ingredients, opening up a world of possibility when it comes to personalizing a wide range of functional food and beverage products. Categories such as bars, snacks and sports drinks, are ones that ADM is looking at closely. For ADM and Remedy Health, the opportunities to collaborate are numerous. Together, the two companies look forward to accelerating advancements in the field of personalized nutrition, one 3D printed product at a time. To learn more about ADM Ventures and its recent investment in Remedy Health, please click here.


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