Carbiotix launches world’s first B2B consumer gut health test API

Carbiotix  today announces that the Company has launched its LinkGut API according to plan and now will focus exclusively on API partners. This will mean that the Company will focus on offering the lowest cost, most reliable, and flexible white-label gut health test to companies interested in offering their own consumer gut health test. 

LinkGut is a Carbiotix B2B consumer gut health testing service based on the Company’s OneGut platform. Carbiotix offers the lowest cost, most reliable, and flexible gut health testing solution on the market today, providing an end-to-end solution for companies interested in offering their own consumer gut health test. The LinkGut service will now be sold exclusively as an API solution which means that Carbiotix gut health test will become a core component of each partner’s product/service offering, with Carbiotix focusing on sample collection and analysis and not the presentation or interpretation of results.

Kristofer Cook, CEO for Carbiotix, comments
“I am very pleased to announce the launch of our LinkGut API solution in line with what has been previously communicated. Our decision to focus exclusively on LinkGut API partners will also allow us to concentrate our efforts on offering the most competitive B2B gut health testing service on the market and thus become the preferred choice for any company interested in collecting gut health-related data and/or offering a service to do so. We have also found a partner who will take over our non-API (previously website extension) gut health testing service we offer to the general public and to food & beverage and supplement companies to track key gut health biometrics and see the impact of consuming a gut health-related product. This service will still serve to validate the effect of our modulators as they reach the market working in close collaboration with this partner.

Practically, this also means that the total number of LinkGut partners will not be a core metric going forward, but rather the global reach of each partner and the total number of OneGut tests sold. Thus, we will focus on becoming the preferred testing partner for companies interested in offering a service that leverages gut health or microbiome data and supporting these companies by offering the lowest cost, most reliable, and flexible white-label gut health test on the market. By continuing to hold a leadership position in these three areas, we anticipate that additional API partners will gravitate to the LinkGut service simply because setting up their service will make no sense, especially given our global reach. It is better to focus on bioinformatics, data interpretation, the presentation of results and recommendations, rather than the logistics and complexities of collecting and analyzing consumer samples.

We will roll out our LinkGut API service in Q2, focusing on getting our first three partners up and running, while adding additional partners during the quarter and still confirming new partners quarterly. I am very excited about this development as Carbiotix stands alone today as a white-label service provider with an API solution. Where we go from here will depend on how well we build and support our LinkGut partner network, which is why we are recruiting a Head of Sales to initially focus on these activities.”


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