Consumers seek beverages supporting mental wellbeing, according to Kerry research.

The functional beverage market is entering a new era, presenting fresh opportunities for manufacturers. Physical and mental wellbeing is now a priority for the public, with 65% of consumers more concerned about their health since the COVID-19 pandemic. General health concerns regarding immune system support and mind and body wellness are shaping product launches in the space, with a +5% growth in this category at a global level. New Kerry research identifies multiple areas of opportunity for manufacturers and brand owners to grow in the functional beverages category, with a focus on mental wellbeing.

Even before the pandemic, there was growing acceptance of the importance of mental health. One of the lasting legacies of the COVID-19 pandemic will be an acceleration of this trend and rising demand for products that counter stress and anxiety and promote focus and mental dexterity. Two-thirds of European consumers are making more of an effort to  live healthily and are willing to pay a premium for products designed to support this.

The results of Kerry’s survey, and the revelation that three of the top five benefit areas rated more important since COVID-19 relate to cognitive concerns – mental health, calming and relaxation and brain health – demonstrates the magnitude of the problem and scale of the opportunity for beverages innovations that address these consumer concerns.


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