Enzybel join forces together with Planted to develop promising plant-based meat-substitutes

At Enzybel and Planted, working together with nature for a more sustainable industry towards climate, earth, and people is what matters. In our common search, Enzybel and Planted invest together in this green project and just kicked-off their Eurostars-funded innovation project. 100% out-of-nature, green processing, zero carbon footprint, and clean labeling by valorizing food waste into novel plant-based protein source for developing juicy, tasty, better textured, and nutritious meat-substitutes is our aim.   The expertise in natural enzymatic processes on one hand and the structuring technology on the other hand will enable both parties to use oil-press cakes to re-invent plant-based meat substitutes.  Together, Enzybel and Planted will push boundaries to achieve a more sustainable food economy. Stay tuned !


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