Get GELITA BCP® in your winning team

GELITA, the leading manufacturer of gelatin and collagen peptides, will be on the court at Vitafoods Europe in October. During the event, GELITA will present solutions to strengthen your team. Challenge our experts on site or online about how specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) can score for you. To deliver the performance at the right time and in the right place the GELITA Controlled Release Portfolio comes into place. Specific gelatins allow softgels to release their fill either immediately in the stomach or enteric in the intestine – depending on your game plan. And if you would like to hire a fully trained player for your team GELITA Health provides you with final solutions, ready for the shelf.


BCP® keep your players on the court

Collagen continues to be highly sought after for sports nutrition formulations. GELITA’s Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) will help keep your players healthy by addressing condition specific needs.

GELITA’s BCP® are clinically substantiated for

· Keeping ligaments and tendons healthy and flexible(TENDOFORTE®),

· Supporting joint health and mobility (FORTIGEL®);

· Improving bone mass density and supporting bone stability and flexibility (FORTIBONE®),

· Body toning and muscle strength (BODYBALANCE®).

IMMUPEPT™ is the recent addition to the GELITA portfolio. Now, it has been discovered that collagen peptides support the immune system and will help keep your players on the court!

Controlled Fill Release

Softgels are a preferred delivery format for many nutrients and active ingredients. With the right type of gelatin from GELITA’s Controlled Release Portfolio you will meet both current and future consumer needs as well as regulatory requirements. When there is a demand for fast or delayed release or long shelf life, GELITA® RXL R², GELITA® EC and GELITA® RXL can be the solution. Talk to our experts.


A new player for your team

Do you prefer to get a ready to market product rather than develop and produce your own? In this case GELITA HEALTH can provide you with turn-key BCP® products, ready for the shelf. Choose your favorite application format like powder, liquid, gummy or even a bar. Use your own brand or license one of the strong international GELITA HEALTH brands – it is up to you.


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