Laboratoire PYC continues the development of Clean Label food supplements

The naturalness of the products and the attention paid to health are nowadays the main reasons given for taking food supplements (source: Synadiet). Consumers are sensitive to their composition and expect transparency from manufacturers and brands. Laboratoire PYC has been formulating clean label supplements for 5 years.

For the past 5 years, in its range of Clean Label food supplements, Laboratoire PYC has reduced the ingredients to a strict minimum. The aim is for everyone to be able to consume their supplement for its health benefits and without superfluous ingredients.

The “clean label” applies to all the players in the food supplement circuit, from the ingredients to the finished product.

In concrete terms, for clean label food supplements:

– Laboratoire PYC works without silicon dioxide nor titanium dioxide

– Flavours are natural and so is the colouring of the products

– No GMOs: the team selects all the ingredients on this criterion

– The sweetness is provided by stevia extracts (steviol glycosides)

– The R&D uses vegetable fibre-based carriers

Laboratoire PYC formulates supplements in the form of orodispersible or water-soluble powders packaged in sticks, sachets, pots or stand-up pouches. The clean formulas are in demand in the prevention/health (immunity) and slimming and nutricosmetic segments.


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