Lallemand Health Solutions and Aventus Innovations

An exclusive agreement that will bring direct benefits to probiotic consumers, worldwide


Lallemand Health Solutions and Aventus Innovations have signed a global agreement to grant Lallemand exclusive use of Aventus’ flagship technology, NutraJIT®, for probiotic applications. NutraJIT® is a patented, all-natural innovative oral delivery platform, offering a unique combination of gastric protection and controlled release particularly suitable with active ingredients like probiotics. It has already been convincingly tested and used to protect other ingredients, like melatonin, vitamins, and certain minerals.


“As a young innovative Canadian company which develops oral delivery technologies intended for use by dietary supplements companies like Lallemand Health Solutions, we are thrilled to have concluded this agreement which will allow our ingredients to serve consumers, worldwide” details Nicolas Kronström, Chief Operating Officer at Aventus Innovations.


“This protective technology is efficient on both capsules and tablets, which is a great addition to our existing portfolio. NutraJIT® is a versatile vehicle for active ingredients to make their way to their site of action, without being affected by the stomach fluids acidity and with reduced gastric side effects.” explains Marie-Eve Boyte, Scientific Affairs Director at Lallemand Health Solutions.


“NutraJIT® is a derivative of food-product protein and, as such, ticks all the boxes for consumers: all-natural, allergen-free, clean label and added protection. Even though we have existing protective technologies to make sure all our probiotic strains reach their site of action, NutraJIT® brings its own additional benefits for consumers. Basically, the ingredient creates a gel barrier in a low pH environment, protecting the probiotic formula from stomach acidity. When reaching the intestines, it will desegregate as the pH is increasing, releasing the bacteria where they need to be. We are eager to bring this new attractive solution to the probiotic market and are actively preparing the launch for the coming fall.” adds Bérengère Feuz, Marketing Director at Lallemand Health Solutions.


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