Magnesium from Nature

Dr. Paul Lohmann® is a responsible manufacturer of high value Mineral Salts in the 4th generation. Sourcing of sustainable produced raw materials is particularly dear to the company. For the production of several Magnesium Salts, Dr. Paul Lohmann® uses Magnesium raw materials offered by Grecian Magnesite, which are directly coming from nature. At the production site of Dr. Paul Lohmann®, the natural Magnesium raw material is purified and acts as starting material in a strictly water based synthesis process.


©Grecian Magnesite


The traditional and family-owned company Grecian Magnesite is specialized in mining and production of natural magnesite. Grecian Magnesite is committed to environmentally-sound mining, focusing on maintaining the natural environment as close as possible to its pre-mining state. Land restoration and reforestation with olive trees are carried out to bring the mining area back into line with the original landscape. A long partnership associates the company with Dr. Paul Lohmann®. The companies share the same values and aspirations in terms of environmental protection and sustainability. They look to the future for the welfare of future generations.


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