MANE unveils its brand-new range of organic compliant marinades

MANE is launching a new range of organic marinades that are compatible with the new EU organic regulation 2018/848.
Organic marinades: a key product for surfing the organic wave
Within the meat segment, organic products have a growing market positioning in Europe. Between 2015 and 2019, launches of organic meat products increased on average by 6% per year. Over the same period, launches in the overall meat segment only increased by 1% on average per year.1
In France, Germany and the United Kingdom, MANE found that organic meat appeals to at least 70% of consumers. In France, meat is also the organic product with the highest growth potential2
Organic compliant marinades are therefore a key product for the company to be able to surf the organic wave and gain competitive advantage.
“The organic meat market is becoming more and more mature. Consumers that are now used to buying organic meat products are now searching for diversity in the organic meat section, and that is where our organic compliant marinades can play their part, bringing vivid colour, an attractive visual aspect and amazing flavour to any organic meat cut”, commented Fanny Dézert – Business Development Manager in EMEA3 at MANE.
A range compatible with the upcoming EU regulation on organic products MANE’s flavourists have decided to use only organic-certified ingredients to give flavour to its organic
compliant marinades in order to already be in line with the EU organic regulation 2018/848.
“We are building this range little by little and want to offer organic compliant marinades to our European customers that will not require re-formulation. We are also putting in place various processes in order to be able to integrate more organic materials in our marinades’ formulas, keeping in mind the end consumer’s need for great flavour”, stated Olivier Katona – Head of MANE’s Meat Centre of Excellence in Noisiel.
A uniquely organic taste MANE’s organic compliant marinades are being formulated using the company’s integrated sourcing
capabilities to guarantee the best quality materials, full traceability for each component of the marinade, suitability with the upcoming EU regulation and extraordinary ingredients.
With its renowned flavour capabilities, MANE is creating an ever-expanding range of exclusive marinades in a variety of classic and ethnic flavours that are available in dry format.
The marinades are then blended and certified organic in MANE’s organic-certified production plant located in France in Sablé-sur-Sarthe.
These are the reasons why MANE’s organic compliant marinades are so unique and provide a unique taste experience, and why re-formulations can already start within the company.

1 Source: Innova database = number of launches between 2015 and 2019 in the Meat segment (deli meat +
meat products + poultry) in Western Europe vs number of launches between 2015 and 2019 in the Meat segment (deli meat + meat products + poultry) in Western Europe with an organic positioning
2 Source : MANE M2P on organic Food & Drinks conducted in February 2019 in France, Germany and the United Kingdom
3 EMEA : Europe, Middle East & Africa


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