New EXBERRY® Colouring Foods expand the possibilities for clean green shades

GNT has launched two EXBERRY® Colouring Foods made from turmeric and spirulina, opening up new opportunities for clean-label greens.

EXBERRY® Shade Jade Green delivers a bright, bluish green shade, while EXBERRY® Shade Lime Green provides a yellowish green hue. The products expand GNT’s range of green Colouring Foods, helping the company cater to the growing global demand for cost-effective green colours that support clean label declarations.

Shade Jade Green and Shade Lime Green are both liquid-based and can be used in a wide range of applications. They are ideal for confectionery such as fruit jellies and hard-panned products; dairy products including yogurt and ice cream; and decorative coatings for bakery, dairy and more.

They also have no impact on taste in the final application as a result of the physical, water-based methods used to create the colours.

Sonja Scheffler, Product Manager at GNT, said: “Our new green Colouring Foods provide good overall performance and wonderfully vibrant shades while supporting completely clean and clear labels. Turmeric and spirulina are both well-known, on-trend ingredients, which ensures EXBERRY® Shade Jade Green and Shade Lime Green offer widespread consumer acceptance.”

Based on the principle of colouring food with food, EXBERRY® products are made from edible, non-GMO fruit, vegetables and plants using physical processing methods and no chemical solvents. As a result, they offer a perfect solution for the modern market.

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