Nutkao s.r.l. acquires the Sicilian Antichi Sapori dell’Etna s.r.l.

Nutkao S.r.l., an Italian company and leading International Contract Manufacturer that has been creating and producing private-label creams and chocolate for over 30 years with over 180 million euros in turnover, announced the acquisition of another producer of Italian excellence: Antichi Sapori dell’Etna S.r.l.


This latest acquisition, which takes place a few days after the Belgian company Boerinneke joined the Group, is part of a production and distribution expansion plan that was inaugurated in 2015 with the opening of the first plant in North Carolina (US) for the production of creams for American retail and industry, followed by the inauguration of a plant in Accra in 2018 that exclusively processes premium cocoa beans from Ghana. To date Nutkao Group, with headquarters in Canove di Govone in the Piedmont region, distributes its products to 80 countries worldwide, reaching all continents.   The new acquisition will allow the Group to easily exceed 250 million euros in total turnover, positioning Nutkao among the most important European companies in its sector.


Antichi Sapori dell’Etna was established in Bronte (Sicily) in 2002 thanks to two brilliant young Sicilians named Vincenzo Longhitano and Nino Marino. In just a few years the company transformed from a pastry shop to a business that has 70 hectares of pistachio groves on the slopes of Mount Etna, two production plants, and a distribution network in 52 countries with a turnover exceeding 55 million euros.


Antichi Sapori is a highly specialized company with dedicated brands for each commercial channel: Pistì, a leading brand in large-scale distribution; Vincente, with a selection of the highest quality pistachios for specialists in the gourmet sector; and Madero Pastry and Madero Quality, which offer semi-finished products for the high-end pastry sector and industry.


“With Antichi Sapori dell’Etna the group expands its offer and focuses on Italian excellence, confirming its passion for its territory of origin and indicating utmost quality in the production and supply chain that has always characterized our business strategy and that we believe to be a fundamental part of our future. The Nutkao project is based upon its desire to be specialists and unique, able to offer profound expertise in the selection of raw materials, the way we transform them, and the multiple solutions that we can offer in all sales channels: large-scale distribution, industry, and out-of-home consumption. This has been happening for some time with hazelnuts, where we are known for our superior quality and have three important plants (in Canove di Govone in Italy, Battleboro in North Carolina and, with the new acquisition of Boerinneke, Sint-Amands in Belgium); with cocoa, thanks to the processing plant in Ghana; and today, with the pistachio, thanks to the expertise of Antichi Sapori and the land of Bronte” said Nutkao CEO Federico Fulgoni.


With Federico we shook hands in one of our pistachio groves on the slopes of Mount Etna. The growth of our company in less than 10 years has been exponential, and it was time for us to become a part of a larger project that was nevertheless based on the same values, the same vision, and the same desire to be unique. We rejected several proposals and, in the end, we were convinced that the project we created with Nutkao, which allows Antichi Sapori to join an already consolidated international group, was the right choice for us and for the future of our company. The Nutkao Group project will allow Antichi Sapori to grow, starting from Bronte, the products of our land, and our artisan approach”, said the two founders Marino and Longhitano.


With the acquisition in just a few days of two excellences in the confectionery sector — the Belgian company Boerinneke and now the Sicilian Antichi Sapori dell’Etna — Nutkao confirms its international vocation and its appreciation and promotion of local resources.


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