Poultry and pork: Growth drivers on the worldwide meat market

Tailor-made stabilising systems support regional markets


Meat will remain a popular food going forward, as shown by the “Agricultural Outlook 2020-2029” study by the OECD and FAO. For this decade the report projects a rise in worldwide meat consumption by a good 12 percent, primarily driven by poultry and pork. According to the study, by 2029 poultry will account for 50 percent of global meat production, followed by pork at 28 percent. Demand is particularly high in emerging markets. With the stabilising systems in the PLUSstabil series, Hydrosol has developed a broad spectrum of solutions specifically targeted at the different requirements of individual markets.


Cooked ham products: Strong demand in East Europe, Russia and Asia

For cooked cured pork, Hydrosol offers the PLUSstabil CM line for making various products like cooked ham, cured pork belly and shaped ham. “With their special combination of functional ingredients, these are systems for medium to high yield injection. They ensure good water binding, accurate portioning, high cut firmness and minimal cooking losses, with outstanding economy,” reports Hydrosol Product Manager Florian Bark. They can be used to make high-quality regional specialities from cuts of pork like neck, loin and belly, with economic advantages.


Poultry boom in Latin America and MENA

Poultry products make up the world’s fastest-growing meat category, with the main growth markets being in Latin America and the MENA region. For this category, Hydrosol has developed injection brines for fresh chicken and convenience products, with and without bones. The PLUSstabil FM range functional systems help these foods retain their natural meat fibres and give the final products a tender, moist consistency. The stabilising systems ensure excellent brine retention, prevent de-juicing, and give superior yields. They are partly available with and without phosphate or preservatives. If desired they can be combined with Hydrosol preservatives and marinades to give the final product the shelf life and flavour to fit the needs of the respective market.


“With our long experience, we know the international meat market very well. Almost every country has its own specialities,” says Detlef Rupprecht, Business Development Manager Meat. “Our answers to country-specific requirements and food trends are precisely tuned functional systems for cooked cured products, fresh meat and other meat products.” With them, meat and sausage producers can make regional classics and trendy new products that meet the most rigorous demands in terms of flavour, texture and economy.


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