Study confirms Evonik’s AvailOm® omega-3 lysine complex has higher bioavailability than traditional omega-3

First in-human study confirms Evonik’s AvailOm® omega-3 lysine complex has significantly higher bioavailability than traditional omega-3 soft gel capsules

  • Omega-3 lysine complex AvailOm® shows five times higher bioavailability than a commercially available standard oil-based ethyl-ester formulation
  • AvailOm® clinically proven to achieve rapid absorption of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA
  • First in-human study conducted jointly with renowned Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Evonik announces scientific proof for the superior bioavailability of its omega-3 product AvailOm® versus a commercially available oil-based ethyl-ester formulation. Evonik’s novel technology of combining omega-3 fatty acids with the amino acid L-lysine significantly enhances the rapid absorption of omega-3 in the body, increasing bioavailability by five times compared to traditional omega-3 soft gel products.

This is the outcome of the first in-human study on the omega-3 lysine complex, published online in December 2020 in the journal Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids. The study was conducted in collaboration with leading academics at the University of Wageningen, The Netherlands, which is recognized as one of the authorities in nutritional research and life sciences. Evonik took no part in the study design and data collection.

“The results of this first in-human study provide compelling evidence that can improve the efficacy of omega-3 supplementation. Not only does the administration of EPA and DHA in the form of its lysine salt provide a novel and effective way to increase plasma levels of these important fatty acids, the stability and technical properties of the omega-3 lysine complex provide additional advantages that will allow the development of novel product formulations that may require lower doses. This study represents exciting opportunities for the optimization of omega-3 supplementation using the lysine complex”, says Renger Witkamp, Professor of Nutritional Biology at Wageningen University & Research.

The release and absorption characteristics of AvailOm® offer supplement manufacturers new opportunities for formulation technology and dosing. Dr Christopher Studte, Director New Health Ingredients at Evonik Health Care, explains, “Evonik’s omega-3 lysine complex solves many challenges in the development of highly concentrated and yet convenient food supplements, addressing the needs of various consumer groups, such as pregnant women, mothers, and healthy agers.”

Dr Studte adds, “We look forward to leveraging our AvailOm® platform, as well as our complementary formulation and scale-up services to help nutraceutical companies differentiate and accelerate speed to market.” Studte is one of Evonik’s leading experts in the field of omega-3 fatty acids.

Evonik offers AvailOm® in three different grades: AvailOm®50 High DHA Algae, AvailOm®50 High DHA, AvailOm®50 High EPA. All grades are produced from certified sustainable sources to protect marine ecosystems.


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