Lantmännen launches gluten-free, organic version of its PromOat oat beta-glucan ingredient

Lantmännen, the Swedish agricultural cooperative, has announced the launch of PromOat Gluten-Free Organic, the newest addition to its PromOat family of oat betaglucan ingredients. Launched in response to the strong growth in consumer demand for oat-based products which are both gluten-free and organic, this latest version of PromOat becomes the fourth member of Lantmännen’s PromOat product portfolio.

PromOat Gluten-Free Organic is extracted from gluten-free, GMO-free, organic, wholegrain oats, grown in Sweden without the use of chemicals. It is a natural source of oat beta-glucan, which provides important health and functional benefits in many types of foods, beverages and supplements.

Lars Franzén, CEO of Lantmännen Functional Foods AB, commented: “We are very excited to bring PromOat Gluten-Free Organic to the market. Together with PromOat Original, PromOat Instant and PromOat Gluten-Free, we can now offer our customers the widest-available portfolio of oat beta-glucan ingredients. Problems associated with the heart, blood sugar and lack of fibers in the diet have been identified as three of the most common risk factors in society and our customers are looking for natural ways to address these major health issues.”

According to an EFSA health claim in the EU, oat beta-glucan has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol, it also has a similar FDA health claim in the USA. In addition, oat beta-glucan has an approved EFSA health claim for balancing blood glucose, whereby consumption of betaglucans from oats contributes to the reduction of the post-prandial glycaemic responses. PromOat is also a prebiotic fiber which contributes to satiety.

PromOat is also a clean label emulsion stabilizer, either as the only ingredient or in combination with other emulsifiers and stabilizers. PromOat is used in for example products for vegans and vegetarians where a where a unique mouthfeel should be achieved since it gives a creamy mouthfeel without grittiness.

The PromOat product portfolio is part of Lantmännen’s oat ingredients platform, which also includes PrOatein, a globally-unique oat protein and Avenacare, a liquid oat beta-glucan for use in personal care and cosmetics products.


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