New in-house method for peptides from allergic proteins

Allergens and alimentary intolerances are a worldwide food safety issue with an increasing prevalence and number of allergens identified. This is a troublesome task for both consumers and food manufacturers as they produce an adverse reaction. Food labelling must be clear and reliable to ensure consumer rights and safety recording to Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011. Actually, there is no remedy for treating food allergies, therefore, the only solution is to avoid the consumption of dangerous substances.

The food safety experts at bilacon Rotterdam have worked on a new method to tackle this problem. The purpose of their work is to develop a new in-house method that ca be used to detect and quantify peptides from allergic proteins in food using a Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) by Liquid Chromatography coupled with tandem Mass Spectrometry for routine laboratories.

The peptides that are currently being analyzed at first, are shown in the table attached.

What is the advantage of this method?

This is the first Allergen Multi method within the Tentamus Group. Here, the customer has the possibility to use a wide spectrum of allergens in one method and to have them examined.  The spectrum is always expandable and can be adapted to customer requirements.


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