New study shows that Calanus® Oil intake antagonizes obesity- induced, negative changes in gut microbiota

A new preclinical study conducted by a research team from  Uit- The Arctic University of Norway, shows that  Calanus® Oil supplementation in obese mice prevents negative changes in microbiota. This has led to new theories about the mechanisms of action of Calanus® Oil.
Current evidence suggests that obesity and its comorbidities are intrinsically linked with unfavorable changes in the intestinal microbiome.
Thus, in line with its anti-obesity effect, it was hypothesized that dietary supplementation with Calanus® Oil should counteract the obesity-related
deleterious changes in the gut microbiota.
The mouse model of diet-induced obesity shares many of the same characteristics as human obesity and is used as an important tool for understanding the mechanisms involved in diseases related to the ‘western-diet’.
“The fact that Calanus® Oil supplementation shows a benefit in gut microbiota just adds to the list of benefits we have documented. And even more interestingly, these findings have provided more ideas about the mechanisms of action of Calanus® Oil”, says Head of Science in Calanus
Alice Marie Pedersen, PhD.
The researchers expected to see higher levels of the receptor family PPARs in adipose tissue. PPARs are involved in amongst others, the oxidation of
fat, but the levels were not changed in adipose tissue. This observation has led to a hypothesis that PPARs were upregulated primarily in metabolically
active tissues, such as liver, heart and skeletal muscle, leading to increased fatty acid oxidation and thereby draining of fatty acids from white adipose
“Indeed, we have more and more data from both preclinical and clinical studies showing that several of the benefits from Calanus® Oil are
associated with positive effects on the muscles”, concludes Dr. Pedersen.
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Calanus As is a Norwegian biomarine company pioneering harvesting and utilization of the crustacean Calanus finmarchicus , and is well positioned to play a key role in industrialization of the entire value chain through its intellectual property rights. Calanus As develops functional health- and nutrition ingredients for humans and animals exclusively from this valuable raw material. The Company’s main product is Calanus® Oil , an ecologically sustainable marine oil for humans . Calanus® Oil has unique composition

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