VELV-TOP® PC L1 – A new culture of Penicillium candidum in liquid form

Lallemand Specialty Cultures (LSC) continues to bring solutions to the cheesemakers with the launch of its very first Penicillium candidum / Penicillium camembertii in liquid form. VELV-TOP® PC L1 is the first commercial product resulting from the «Liquid Cultures’ Program», an extensive Research and Development program started in 2019 with the aim
to offer an even more flexible and functional range.

Highly appreciated by cheesemakers, liquid cultures have unique advantages:
• Blending opportunities,
• Application method (No re-hydration protocol),
• Dosage flexibility.

Specially developed for soft bloomy-rind cheeses, VELV-TOP® PC L1 is based on a single strain of Penicillium candidum, carefully selected for its properties:
• Thin, velvety white surface,
• Low proteolytic and lipolytic activities that deliver light flavor notes,
• Applicable to a wide cheese range thanks to its neutral profile,
• High viability of the strain ensuring a shelf-life of at least 4 months when stored at + 4°C.


VELV-TOP® PC L1 complements the already wide LSC range of Penicillium candidum for the production of soft bloomy-rind cheeses. Either freeze-dried or liquid form, LSC cultures are homogeneous and stable to ensure consistent cheesemaking. They are produced using the highest quality and food safety standards: Made in France, Non-GMO origin, Suitable for a vegan diet, Kosher certified and Halal certified.

In order to maintain uniformity and convenience for cheesemakers, a dose in liquid form contains the same number of cells as a dose in liquid form. (1 dose = 2.109 Colony-Forming Units). VELV-TOP® PC L1 is available in 10 doses and 50 doses.


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