Kemin Food Technologies helps food manufacturers keep plant-based meat alternatives fresh

Global ingredient manufacturer provides label-friendly solutions to support growing consumer demand for this market segment in the EMEA region


Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer that strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with its products and services, is helping food producers respond to consumer demand for ready-to-eat plant-based meat alternatives that can be refrigerated for longer. Kemin Food Technologies provides label-friendly solutions that maintain taste and texture.

Consumers and retailers are looking for natural solutions that offer clear and transparent labelling with recognizable ingredients they can trust. Retail sales of plant-based meat alternatives reflect this shift in a dynamic category, as consumers are bypassing frozen products in favour of refrigerated ones.

Euromonitor’s meat alternative market data illustrates this rapid growth, indicating the retail value of plant-based meat will grow 42 percent in Europe in the next three years, reaching a value of €2.3 billion.1

“Many consumers want to reduce their meat intake while maintaining protein consumption, so they are substituting with plant-based meat alternatives that offer taste and texture similar to meat, but with nutritional benefits from plants. As a result, flexitarianism – a diet that is centered on plant foods with the occasional inclusion of meat – is booming,” said Kelly De Vadder, Marketing Director, Kemin Food Technologies – EMEA (Europe, Middle East, North Africa). “While shoppers are looking for these ‘better-for-you’ products to promote health and wellbeing, they are also mindful of choosing products that are convenient and easy to prepare. As manufacturers move from frozen plant-based meat alternatives to refrigerated options, protecting product integrity is critical to ensuring taste and meat-like texture.”

Kemin offers a portfolio of label-friendly solutions to help brands control oxidation and microbial spoilage, maintaining the freshness, quality and safety of plant-based meat alternative products.

NaturFORT, a blend of natural rosemary and green tea extracts, offers label-friendly oxidation control, delaying flavour degradation to maintain texture, optimize the taste profile, retain colour for visual appeal and extend shelf life.

BactoCEASE® NV, a trusted ingredient that offers clear and transparent labelling, protects meat alternatives from microbial spoilage while offering a balanced flavour profile. A buffered vinegar solution made with natural ingredients, BactoCEASE NV is manufactured with naturally sourced ingredients and contains 100 percent bio-based carbon.

“Refrigerated products that are exposed to light oxidation decrease in shelf life and quality much quicker. Fat systems are a key component of great-tasting plant-based meat alternatives, yet the oxidation of fat and oil components in these products is a common challenge for brands. Delivering the texture and flavour consumers desire can be very difficult if a product is not properly protected from oxidation,” said De Vadder. “Microbial spoilage can also be an issue, so preventing it, as well, is essential for delivering a safe product to the market.”

Kemin also offers in-house Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) to help customer-partners get to market faster.

“Kemin Food Technologies’ CLS team provides dedicated support throughout all phases of testing to understand the influences of all food ingredients on the stability of the final product,” said Anja Verbiest, CLS and Quality Assurance Manager, Kemin Food Technologies– EMEA. “Whether formulating a new product or reformulating an existing one, our CLS team can reduce testing time and meet go-to-market goals.”

To find out more about the Kemin portfolio of shelf-life and food safety solutions for plant-based meat alternatives, click here.


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